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Wolf Creek Co-op is the latest addition to a growing cooperative trend in Northeastern Michigan.


Maple Ridge Deer Management Co-op was started in 2003 with 500 acres and has grown to 4200 acres that participate in some form of QDM. The area is located 5 miles west of Alpena in Alpena county and encompasses Maple Ridge and surrounding townships. Contact Ryan Boyk at Co-operatives are, in general, several properties in a particular area that combine to strive toward common deer and habitat management goals. Co-operatives are a great way to meet the neighbors, share your observations and learn what is happening on “the other side” of the fence. The Northeast Michigan Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association has eight recognized deer management co-ops within their four county region. If you or your club would be interested in joining a deer management co-op in your area, contact the persons listed below.


Tower Road Area QDM Cooperative was started in 2004 and has 2000 acres involved in QDM. The co-op is located in Mitchell Township near Curran in Alcona County. See Map. Contact Bob Versical at





Webber Creek QDM Cooperative is located Rust Township and the surrounding area, just west of Hillman in Montmorency County. Contact Ron Garst at

Wellington Township Long Swamp QDM Cooperative was started about 2000 and has about 12 square miles participating in QDM. The co-op is located in Wellington Township and surrounding townships in the northeast corner of Alpena County. Contact Rob Warner at

Abitibi Deer Management Co-op has approximately 17,000 acres. The area encompasses NE Presque Isle County and SE Cheboygan County. See Map. Contact Ed Kleinjan at or Dan Jacobs at

West Shore Cooperative was formed in 2011 and consists of 8100 acres. The co-op is located on the west shore of Hubbard Lake in Alcona County and stretches generally west to M-65 and south to M-72. Contact Todd Fletemier at

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